Healthy Toddler Snacks

While preparing snacks for small children, the emphasis ought to be on healthy meals options, and avoiding foods a kid is allergic or intolerant of and the ones that could be choking hazards. With just a little planning you can easily choose and prepare snack foods which have child appeal and so are nutritious. Textures ought to be chewy, gentle or crisp, not challenging. Flavors should be gentle, and neither as well salty or as well spicy. Temperatures shouldn’t be too frosty or too hot. Shades should be shiny and (when possible) forms ought to be fun and interesting. Serving portions should fit the child’s needs dependant on their age and size.

Healthy Snack Ideas

Bread-type Snacks – wholegrain crackers, breads or bagels with several soft cream cheese spreads, creamy peanutbutter, jelly, cottage cheese or hummous – non-sugared cereals – bran, corn, apple, banana, or blueberry muffins – homemade soft pretzels or loaf of bread sticks – mini flavored rice or corn cakes – pumpkin, zucchini, banana, or cranberry bread

Dairy-type Snack foods – homemade frozen “juice pops” with calcium- fortified juices (combine yogurt-dairy or soy- with completely fruit juice, and increase pureed or very soft fruit) – yogurt with applesauce or pureed fruit – slices of cheese or “string” cheese (dairy or soy) – fruit shake (blend together cow’s milk or soy/rice milk with fruit and put in a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg) – flavored or natural yogurt (dairy or soy) or cottage cheeses coupled with fruit – pudding Use low-fat products limited to children more than 5 years old.

Fruit-type Snacks – choose little, whole fruits in period to lessen cost and waste materials – frozen fruit cups (freeze pureed or crushed fruit and invite to soften somewhat in the fridge before serving) – homemade popsicles (freeze any completely fruit juice, except pineapple juice which will not freeze well, and pour it into little paper cups or ice cube trays, place popsicle sticks, and freeze until solid; after that remove popsicle from glass by running under warm water for about 10 mere seconds. Blending yogurt with the juice is another choice) – apple band sandwiches (creamy peanut butter on apple rings) – lower in slices or halves for range, and serve basic or with cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, or yogurt (dairy or soy) – raisins and other dried fruits

Fresh Vegetable-type Snacks

– green pepper slices, tomato wedges or zucchini strips offered with creamy peanut butter, cream cheese or cottage cheese – soft-prepared vegetables-carrots, asparagus, green coffee beans, pea pods, nice potato strips, broccoli or cauliflower offered with a cottage cheese, hummus, or yogurt (dairy or soy) dip – grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches, or cheese and veggie quesadillas.

Meat-type Snack foods – English muffins or pita breads topped with tomato sauce, grated cheese (soy or dairy) and lean cuts of meats or tofu, baked, and trim into quarters – pita breads, flour or corn tortillas with coffee beans or canned chili, sprinkled with grated cheese (soy or dairy), and topped with natural yogurt or sour cream if desired. – kabobs made out of any mix of cheese, fruit, vegetables and sliced or cubed prepared meat or tofu (take away the toothpicks before serving!) – pita pocket filled up with lean sliced meats, tuna, hummous, tofu, cheese (dairy or soy), lettuce and/or tomato – hard prepared eggs (wedges or slices)

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