Mobile Gifts Sure To Bestow “totally Awesome” Status On Parents This Holiday Season

Once more, teens will end up being hoping to unwrap the most recent new gadget or cellphone this holidays. And parents will battle to find that ideal show elicit those rare terms-“Thanks, you’re totally amazing!”-from the hard-to-please teenagers within their lives. But choosing the best fit for the holiday season is usually a tough challenge.

This year, Virgin Mobile phone USA is ringing in the vacation cheer with three fantastic PAYG handsets that deliver great benefits and exciting designs at a variety of affordable prices-an extra nice gift for parents. Teens will get started immediately to dial up or text message friends on the new phones, to evaluate presents, and to tell them how awesome their Mother or Father is for choosing an ideal gift.

Because all Virgin Cell phones have pre-paid support, you don’t have to struggle over deciding on the best long-term contract strategy, and parents will not be surprised by regular debts or nasty overage costs. Instead, gift-givers can choose the best phone predicated on the passions and hobbies of the recipient, whether texting, doing offers, surfing the net, downloading ringtones, or simply plain talking.

Teens who have text-message will like the Switch_Back again by Kyocera Wifi, the only prepaid telephone with a complete QWERTY keyboard coming in at less than $130. It had been among the first cellular handsets to add AOL Instant Messenger (Goal) currently loaded, providing another method in which to stay touch.

For a far more elegant design, parents can buy the brand new Slice by UTStarcom. With a brilliant sleek thin form, Slice happens to be the thinnest phone out there. It’s well-outfitted with fun features for teenagers, but moderately costed for parents at $49.99.

Virgin Mobile’s Oystr by Kyocera Wifi, named because of its lustrous white color and clamshell form, is easy in style yet well-equipped. With Internet browsing, texting and Superphonic Ringtones, Oystr attracts parents considering an initial phone for their teenagers or who may choose a more inexpensive handset. It retails for $29.99.

In the terms of 1 teenage customer: “Who doesn’t want a cool phone, Every friend of mine who has noticed my Switch_Back discusses how much they need one.”

Dad and mom, are you listening,

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