Privacy or Safety or Both

Adolescents more recently are actually possessive and particular with regards to their privacy and so are not prepared to bear even the slightest interference by their parents or siblings within their lives even if the latter have a tendency to end up being just concerned and caring. Now, if the youngsters obtain privacy, the parents get worried about their protection and alternatively, they are never likely to prepare yourself to compromise their personal privacy for their parents. How do a win-win circumstance be achieved when this happens,

The brand new age parents and children are both tech-savvy and gizmo freaks. We are able to see the adolescents along with their parents on the social media and running a blog sites. This trend in today’s generations has produced the answer to the above complications easier. Eyewatch might help attain the above win-earn situation simply by providing the parents quick access to their kids’ area anytime, anywhere. Eyewatch is merely a mobile protection app that is simple to use and obtainable cost free for Blackberry, Symbian and Google android smart phones.

The parents can merely ask their children to keep carefully the alert active on Eyewatch when their kids are out and promise never to call them unless they think they have to simply by keeping a track on the kids’ location. Hence, the children obtain privacy without regular contacting by their parents to maintain a check once in a while and the parents obtain the assurance of the protection of their children by the web dashboard of Eyewatch. All of this, without the need of a Gps navigation tracker or any needless extra or hidden costs engrossed. Also, in the unfortunate event of a crisis, the parents know to provide their children with the help they want on the run and with out a delay.

Using the application form, children can keep their personal privacy and stay linked to their parents and alerts them before emergency. In addition, you can also confirm its protection simply by using the “I am secure” feature in this personal protection app. Developed following the two of analysis, this application presently supports multiple systems i.e. Google android, BlackBerry & Symbian (iPhone just around the corner). This SOS app includes four various kinds of alert buttons according to the emergency circumstance Medical, Travel, Protection & Personal alert.

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