Teaching Your Teen to Shave

Like a lot of men, I had to understand how to shave by myself when I was an adolescent. I obviously remember staring in to the bathroom mirror with a can of cream in a single hand and plastic material razor in the various other, having no idea what I was going to do. My boy was 12 whenever we chose that he could no more go to school along with his wirey whiskers and lengthening sideburns. Introducing my boy to shaving was an excellent father-son moment, and an excellent exercise in tolerance and conversation for me. He’s today 13 and shaves about once weekly under guidance. I’m proud that I could provide him a positive launch to an activity that he can appreciate for the others of his life.

Giving Him the proper Tools

Whenever your preteen or teenager will probably begin shaving, understand that he hasn’t done some of this before also if he has noticed you do it a million times. Ideally your skin is most effective for shaving immediately after a shower or at least completely washed with warm water to soften the locks. Take extra time to describe and display him the procedures of soaking a brush, creating a lather, keeping a razor, and how he can properly move the blade across his encounter. Teach him how exactly to inform if the lather is normally proper and the various techniques it requires to lather a cream vs. a soap. I would recommend beginning him out with an excellent shaving cream because they’re usually simpler to lather for beginners.

Your son’s first brush ought to be a decent quality pure or best badger shaving brush. You will probably spend about $30-50 for a beginner brush. Avoid high-end brushes because they’re delicate and a fresh shaver will probably damage the brush due to his inexperience. Lathering a high-end badger brush with an excessive amount of pressure could cause the ideas to break or hairs to split, so it is more appropriate to understand on a brush that is clearly a little more long lasting and can have a beating. All reliable brands make brushes and versions that fit this want well.

A double-edged razor is by considerably the very best razor a shaver may use; however, a, inexperienced teen requirements some training tires besides a DE, since he’s hardly ever touched a razor to his encounter. Therefore, at least for the few tries at shaving enable your son to employ a cartridge razor, like a Mach III. This affords him an extra level of basic safety as he becomes familiar with managing a razor and changing blades. He must find out the contours of his encounter and patterns of hair regrowth, and a cartridge razor would work for this since it is easier to take care of and his undesired facial hair is typically not dense enough to create it difficult to trim.

Once your son overcomes the awkwardness of handling a razor following the first couple of shaves, allow him to begin with shaving with a twice edge, since this is the ideal shaving tool for just about any man. Once he’s familiar with shifting the cartridge blade down his encounter and you are feeling he’s ready to proceed to a basic safety razor, i quickly recommend either the 34C or the 23C. You can find out about them in my own article titled Your Initial Razor. Begin him with a much less agressive blade, like a Derby, and conserve the Feathers for when his abilities are right and his beard development justifies the necessity for a sharper blade.

My rationality wasn’t to delay my boy from using a twice edged razor, but to provide him a straightforward transition from having zero experience to utilizing a more advanced shaving device. Anybody who includes a teenage boy certainly understands that straight razors at this time are not an excellent idea.


With a razor at hand, my son’s first shave was the standard approach. He shaved with the grain, best to bottom level. I emphasized keeping the razor right as he began with the cheek region, with the sideburns right down to the jaw series. He continuing one cheek, then your other, throat, mustache, and chin.

Be sure that your teenager knows the idea of cutting straight, by no means side-to-side. Also, don’t not in favor of the grain because you do not want to result in ingrown hairs or discomfort at a stage when his epidermis is really delicate. In the event that you boy has teenage pimples, it’s most likely that there surely is going to be considered a little bleeding. You might want to warn him in advance that he might experience some nicks; nevertheless, the procedure of shaving assists exfoliate your skin and within a skincare regimen might help him alleviate pimples problems. As of this age, his skin is normally tender and sensitive.

For the first few shaves, do only two passes lathering every time to permit him to be more comfortable with the procedure. After shaving, wash the face with cool water and apply aftershave while it’s still moist.

In the event that you were like me personally, you probably slapped on your own dad’s aftershave and place your face burning! Fortunately for your boy, you’ll give him an aftershave that’s gentle to your skin which has a low percentage (or no) alcoholic beverages. DR Harris Pink is an excellent choice since it is soft and has a gentle traditional rose fragrance. Another suggestion is normally any quality aftershave balm, such as for example Musgo Real Balsam since it is inexpensive, however good quality.

Teens with acne shouldn’t experience burning or discomfort from an excellent aftershave or balm. Any nicks because of acne should be minimal and shouldn’t continue bleeding. If indeed they do, you might want to consider purchasing him the Pacific Nick Stay (see review), which is normally inexpensive and able to stopping any little cuts or nicks.

After the shave, show your son how exactly to look after his shaving brush, rinsing and drying it correctly. He must also clean any soap or locks from the razor to maintain it in best condition. A simple shaving stand is an excellent expenditure for keeping his brush and razor kept. Place it on an increased shelf to maintain it from younger siblings, however, not within an enclosure or medication cabinet, which may be a damaging environment to brushes. Suggest he reads content from on staying away from brush harm and drying your shaving brush.

Father-Son Bonding

Understanding how to shave is a rite of passage to manhood, and We am proud that We could be there designed for my boy as he started this journey — despite the fact that I’m usually frustrated by the period we reach the aftershave. This trip is a check of tolerance, since teenage males aren’t the sharpest equipment in the shed, but it’s fun to find what fragrance he chooses and how he operates to show his mother that he’s not really shaggy afterwards. By firmly taking the period to be patient together with your child and educate him how exactly to shave properly, you may make sure he learns to accomplish it ideal and that he’ll benefit from the ritual just as much as you do.

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