Wanted: A Nanny You Can Trust

If you as well as your spouse function and you are considering a qualified caregiver to deal with your kids, you have plenty of organization. U.S. Census data display that over fifty percent of all maried people are “dual-earner lovers,” and there exists a growing demand for certified caregivers.

Fortunately, right now there are safety precautions that parents may take when they bring a fresh nanny or babysitter to their home:

1. Require references and check them.

2. Trust your gut: If something doesn’t appear ideal, it probably isn’t.

3. Look at a background check.

“A background check may seem like an intense precaution to take, but a person with $50 and an Web connection can conduct a thorough pre-employment history check using Intelius’ work screening assistance,” said Ed Petersen, executive vice president at Intelius. “Criminal background checks provide info on criminal background and earlier residences and can provide parents that extra satisfaction by determining inconsistencies that raise warning flag.”

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