About My Book

As a millennial woman writer of color, I have a longing right now to live a more calm, creative, and centered life. It started with an identity crisis, a career pivot, and a reclamation of my poetic writer roots. For a long time, I identified exclusively as a playwright; however, as my roles in life expanded, I found myself needing other expressive outlets. I started blogging in 2017 and in honor of my journey to serene living, titled my blog beat, “Serenity Sunday”. My blog writing helped me delve deeper into authenticity, leading me to new levels of freedom. In almost five years, I have downloaded years-worth of thoughts, personal narratives, and micro memoirs gleaned from my roles as wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, woman, artist, teacher, and colleague. This book is a collection of my most-loved blogs. With revised and extended versions of my popular pieces, it contains courageous and even more vulnerable life experiences too intimate for my blog space. Serenity Everyday gives you more of me. Therein lies your favorite stories and life lessons along with those gleanings I wanted to share, but couldn’t. My hope is that with every turn-of-the-page, my readers will experience self-reflection and find peace of mind knowing that we are never alone in our life-journeys.